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Saffron suitcase exports reached 300 tons

Referring to the stability of the price of red gold in the market, the deputy chairman of the National Saffron Council said: “Last year, 300 tons of saffron were exported from the country, taking into account the export of suitcases.”

Gostaresh News: Gholamreza Miri, noting that the saffron market has been almost stable for the past two months due to the purchase made by the Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives, said: The Central Organization of Rural Cooperatives has bought about 70 tons of saffron and now The price of each kilogram of saffron is at least 6 million and 300 thousand tomans and a maximum of 9 million tomans

He added: “Given the current situation, it is impossible to predict what the price situation will be in the coming days, because the political, economic and current situation is not stable and the market is affected by these fluctuations.”

Saffron smuggling

In another part of his speech, Miri pointed to the increase in saffron smuggling from the country: “That’s why I don’t think that official exports will jump, which will lead to a change in market prices.”
“As smuggling increases, official exports will decrease,” he said. “Most of our customers now supply the goods they need in the form of smuggling.”

13% reduction in saffron exports

The private sector activist also reported a 13 percent decrease in saffron exports, saying that in the first eight months of this year, 132 tons and 753 kilograms of saffron were exported from the country, compared to 152 tons and 602 kilograms in the same period last year.
He added: “This is while in November of this year, compared to November of last year, we witnessed a growth of 10,000 tons of exports, and in November 1998, the amount of saffron exported was 42 tons, while in November 1997, this figure was 32 tons.”

UAE and Spain The main export destinations of Iranian saffron

The Vice President of the National Saffron Council of Iran, stating that the UAE and Spain are the main export destinations of Iranian saffron, added: “Last year we had 282 tons of exports, which with the export of suitcases reaches about 300 tons.”
Miri explained about the export of saffron suitcases: Some tourists and pilgrims who travel to Iran take the saffron product out of the country in their luggage, which is called luggage export.

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