It is crucial to understand that all products from Behrang company exclusively utilize Sargol saffron of the highest quality. This type of saffron is renowned for its distinct aroma, flavor, and vibrant color potency. The entire process of cultivation, processing, and packaging undergoes meticulous supervision by experts from the Navid Saffron Khorasan Razavi Company.


behrang azin sargol saffron

Type of Saffron

The saffron stigma, commonly known as saffron threads, is the most valuable part of the saffron flower.
The size of the saffron stigma is typically ranging from 3 to 5 cm and consists of several components, including:
1) Nagin saffron: the red segments of the saffron stigma, with no yellow or white present.
2) Sargol saffron: Sargol saffron comprises the clean stigma portion of the saffron thread solely, without any yellow part or Styles.
3) Pushal saffron: Pushal saffron contains red stigmas and small white styles (3-5 mm). The threads are wound into coils.
4) Bunch saffron: the most basic type of saffron, made by putting together and drying saffron strands with cream.
5) Styles saffron: The stigma of saffron, which is in the central part of the plant, ends with a white root called saffron Styles..

type of saffron