behrang saffron factory

Navid saffron Khorasan Razavi Company (Private joint-stock) was established and registered in 2005 with the aim of processing and packaging Iranian saffron in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi province. Initially operating under the brand name "Behrang," the company started processing and packaging saffron from South Khorasan. After some time, by establishing organic cultivation fields, it managed to compete in the global markets with the brands "Termes Zibad," "Bagonia Saffron," and "Diyar Kohan Saffron."

Navid Saffron Khorasan Razavi Company aims to cultivate organic products and align with international standards, benefiting from the expertise in Iranian specialists. conforming to these principles led the company to receive early certifications, including ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System certification from Austria and Organic Product certification from Germany. Additionally, the company became a member of the Iranian Safety Association.

By assessing the demand of global markets and pioneering with modern knowledge, Navid saffron Khorasan Razavi Company succeeded in designing and manufacturing a type of saffron harvester called "Behriz Sieve." This innovation not only improves the quality of the product but also increases the processing speed, subsequently providing economic benefits and efficiency for industry partners.

Today, Khorasan's Saffron has become one of the most significant exports of the region. Behrang is proud to compete in the global markets with Iranian-educated and specialized professionals, creating economic opportunities and employment for the youth. To this end, the company has taken a significant step by establishing direct supply stores in destination countries such as the United Arab Emirates (Dubai), Turkey (Istanbul), and having sales agents in the Persian Gulf, East Asia, and Europe.

Behrang, the color of nature.